Berawal Dari Hobi Berujung Rupiah

Joaquimma Anna

Berawal Dari Hobi Berujung Rupiah

Do you have a passion that you wish could turn into a profitable business venture? Meet a group of enthusiasts from Kediri who have successfully transformed their interests into a thriving enterprise. With their tactical vests business gaining significant traction, they have proven that pursuing one’s hobbies can lead to substantial financial success!

A Journey of Passion and Profit


When passion and entrepreneurship come together, incredible things can happen. That’s exactly what occurred when a group of friends in Kediri delved into their shared love for tactical gear and decided to turn it into a business opportunity. Their product, the tactical vest, quickly gained popularity not only among hobbyists but also in professional circles.

Their fascination with military-inspired gear and the practicality it offers in various outdoor activities led them to design and create their own line of tactical vests. These vests are not only stylish but also provide users with the functionality and durability needed for demanding situations.



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